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Each day with their assigned groups, campers rotate through 5 workshops;  Theater, Nature, Community, Art & Craft.  During these workshops they are engaged with their fellow campers and interns to create masterpieces, learn a dance, play improv, and work together in community team building games.  Campers also will learn to kayak twice a week on the beautiful Johnson's pond.    

Nature:  What is better than having the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, explore nature and get to fish with your friends?  Getting to do it every day! During their nature workshop they will explore the world of nature identification, animal habitats, nature hikes, and observational skills.  Campers learn all of these great tools by playing games, fishing, nature hikes and reflections on their day. 

Community:  RED LIGHT!  GREEN LIGHT!  Can you imagine a summer without some old time outdoor games? Neither can we!  During community campers learn values of teamwork, pride and respect for one another.  The community workshop campers learn about each other, the area around them and how they can be good stewards in all things.  Campers participate in games, challenges, team building games, scavenger hunts and reflections on their time at camp.  Each year the campers work on a community service project, whether for the park itself or for the surrounding community!  

Art & Craft:  Campers will work on projects in both art and craft.  Learning to use design skills, engineering influences and always their out of the box creativity, the art and craft workshops are always a big hit!!  Campers will work on painting, drawing, print making, marbleizing, sculpting, and so much more!  They will be introduced to a variety of materials and ideas to get their creativity running.  Campers create useful and fun projects to bring home at the end of each week!  

Theater:  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!  Thought your camper wasn't a dancer?  Think again!  In the theater workshop, campers learn about theater through singing, dancing, acting, writing songs, playing improv and theater games and so much more.  Campers learn a camp wide dance that they will perform anytime if you just ask! Many campers can still show you their dance from years before!  Tree Top Summer Camp hopes to bring back Friday shows for our families this year!  Check our summer calendar for dates and showtimes!  

Kayaking! Kayaking will take place 2 times per week (weather permitting) at no extra charge.  Campers will learn the basics of kayaking with an emphasis on water safety.  For campers who do not want to participate in kayaking they will have other games and activities to play.  

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